Why Should Businesses Recycle with Mr. Murph?

Recycling Makes Good Business Sense…

By recycling, you’re sending a clear message to your customers, employees and community that your business cares about the quality of life in Tulsa and has taken the steps to becoming a sustainable business in our city. Remember, no matter what type of business or organization you are, you can make a difference by recycling today.

Feed Mr. MuRecycling Saves Money…

Not only is recycling reducing greenhouse gases, it also saves your company money by reducing your trash stream. The savings can be substantial as you reduce both frequency of pickups and the size of your trash container. Mr. Murph makes recycling sustainable for your business and easy to do, resulting in a stronger bottom line.

It’s Just the Right Thing to Do…

When your company recycles, you’re conserving both natural resources and energy, plus, it extends the life of landfills we depend on to dispose of our garbage. Please join us in helping our city stay beautiful and become the best it can possibly be.

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Do Recycle

Don't Recycle